• The continuous research of native varietal and the desire to winemaking it in a modern way, gave us the opportunity to find a varietal of Muscat well known in the XIX century on the Garganic Hills. Some story tells it was one of the favorite wines by king Ferdinand IV
    • Appellation: PUGLIA I.G.P. WHITE
    • Grapes: Moscato bianco 100%
    • Production area: “Coppanetta” estate – San Severo countryside
    • Vineyards: 1,5 Ha. planted in 2006 with a density of 3.000 vines/Ha.
    • Training system: guyot
    • Soil: clay and limestone
    • Yield: 70
    • Winemaking and ageing: Fermented in in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 16°-18°C for 15 days. The wine is aged for 5 days followed by an additional 1 month in bottle prior to release from the winery